PupilTube: Find the Best Tutorial Videos, Instructional Videos and How To Videos

pupiltube logoThere are tons of videos on the web that teaches us about something. The problem is that sometimes finding them from millions of YouTube videos alone not to mention thousands more from other video sites can be a real pain. Sure, there’s a this thing you call search, but what if a group of people already collected the best ones for you to enjoy.

PupilTube is a website that promotes knowledge by collecting and sharing How-To videos, Tutorials and Explanatory videos online. You can browse them by categories or use their search bar to further narrow your quest.

Same as with any other video sites, you can upload and share your own videos. Just make sure that the ones that you’ll upload are appropriate for the site. You can also help the PupilTube community by rating videos that you have seen. It will help others on locating quality tutorials and not waste any more time viewing the crappy ones.

Creating a site that contains the best tutorial videos available is something useful. This eliminates the need to dig deep into YouTube and other video sites just to find what you are looking for. It somehow narrows the search further for instructional videos without having to deal with distractions brought by other unrelated videos.

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