PrintWhatYouLike Lets you Choose What to Print

We all know that printing a webpage is very easy to accomplish. But what if you like to print a portion of that page and omit the unnecessary elements that you don’t need? Sometimes, you will only need the text and some images and not the ads that are included in the webpage. There is a simple online tool which helps you to do just that.

PrintWhatYouLike simply does that for you. Whenever you need to print a webpage, you can format it right on your browser and not use/open a document editor. To use PrintWhatYouLike, just head over to their site and place the URL of the webpage you wish to edit and print. Take away the parts that you don’t need. You can do the selection by simply clicking on the part. Clicking on the selected part will unselect the item. In PrintWhatYouLike, the modified page will only be printed and nothing more.

This is a great webapp which works faster than copying the whole webpage and editing it in Word. You’ll be able to save time, ink and paper by removing images and pieces of the website that are irrelevant to you.

3 Comments on “PrintWhatYouLike Lets you Choose What to Print

  1. This is a great tool that I am going to check out to use on my genealogy blog. I have written some articles on there that could also be printed off and put in a notebook for our family history. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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