PrintFriendly: Make Any Website Printer Friendly

printfriendlyPrintFriendly is a fast and easy way to print web pages that contains ads and other unwanted elements. Rather than copying the content you want to print to a document editor, you can just place the URL or the web page on PrintFriendly and you can instantly print it from there or get a PDF version of the page.

The service removes ads and sidebar content. It detects the basic content of the page. After placing the URL of the page you wish to print, hitting the print preview will bring you to the mini editor of PrintFriendly. From there, you can further remove any content you do not wish to print. You can remove images, links, page title and even paragraphs. All of these you can do by just clicking the part you wish to remove. After making the proper selections, all that’s left for you to do is click the print button or download the content in the form of a PDF document.

PrintFriendly is a great alternative to copying web content to document editor before printing. This tool works best for quick content printing that doesn’t require much editing or formatting for presentations. If you want it fast, check out this tool and print without any hassle.


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