PasteHTML: Free Anonymous HTML Host

paste-htmlIf you want to quickly and anonymously publish an HTML page, just head over to PasteHTML. It will host your HTML file anonymously, for free and forever. This tool is instant and will not require you to create an account or ask for any information about you.

All you need is a basic knowledge of HTML. If you have an existing HTML page you created using HTML editors, you can just paste the codes on PasteHTML. You are allowed to preview and edit your page. The next step is pretty simple, just prove that you’re human and you can publish your HTML page. You will be given a unique URL for your publication. The URL is randomly created so would be wise to bookmark it immediately after publishing.

PasteHTML is a great way to publish anonymously if you are concerned with your privacy but like to make an online publication about anything. If you know HTML and would like to make a secret publication, better check it out.


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