Panoramic Desktop from 360Desktop

360Desktop is a Windows application that transforms your desktop into a panoramic workspace. They are calling it Desktop 2.0, a convergence of web and desktop. The application also comes with a widget loader where you can install your favorite widgets by placing in the embed code in the add widget window.

This is a pretty neat application which will help you organize your desktop in an entirely unique way. Just download the rather small application (5.93 MB), install and run. You can select from a variety of panoramic images to display in your 360Desktop. The application is unobtrusive. It will not replace your current wallpaper or desktop setting. You can close it anytime you want if you wish to revert to your normal desktop.

When I tested the application, I noticed that it will not let you to browse the other part of the panoramic image as long as you have a maximized window present in your desktop. It’s like a locking mechanism for the application so that it will not move the desktop around when you are working on something important. Also remember to minimize your windows before closing 360Desktop or you will be left with a cluttered desktop with off centered windows. Aside from that, it’s a cool app to have around in your Windows machine.

You can check out the application in action by watching the video below.

2 Comments on “Panoramic Desktop from 360Desktop

  1. I tried it and was not convinced, I found it hard to centre on an open application to the main window. Also it would be nice to be able to move left and right with the arrow keys (did not find out how if possible). But I think that with a bit more development I might get back to it.
    Thanks for pointing at it!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Roger. Even though that I find it to be a cool application, points for uniqueness and cool factor, I have to agree with you regarding the usability. It’s still a bit off and as you have said, it’s hard to center the applications as there is no keyboard navigation function. It would have been easier if you can navigate through the keyboard while holding the open window with the mouse. Anyway, it’s still in its early stages and a bit of tweaking might just do it. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Cheers! 🙂

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