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OutWit Technologies is a publisher of free applications that aims to simplify the data collection on the web. They developed a powerful and simple Web search and collection platform for everyone to use for free. They currently went to the public beta stage for the application called OutWit Hub.

OutWit Hub is a Firefox extension that functions as a data harvester which is particularly useful for downloading multiple images. What it does is let you easily save images found on pages of the web. While OutWit works best with images, its functionality does not end there. It can also be used to gather other form of data from a certain page. You can use it to get email address, page source codes, links and text content.

This version is a Swiss knife, mostly designed to showcase the technology to advanced users. It contains dozens of features to automate tedious collection tasks and produce structured data out of Web searches. The identification of data structures, object types or object collections in HTML pages (or other documents) is based on OutWit’s original structure recognition technology. One of the most interesting features is the recognition of lists and tables even in non-tabulated pages and document without rigorous formatting. The next applications based on our platform will be one-purpose tools, destined to a wider audience: OutWit Images, OutWit Jobs…

This is very useful if you are gathering images from the pages of Google or from other pages with thumbnail images. OutWit Hub will automatically download for you the original size of the images. It actually downloads all the images on a particular page and neatly arranges them in a manner that will save you the trouble of checking the image one by one.

In order to start harvesting, you need to download and install the extension that can be found in Mozilla’s add-on pages. A tiny button will appear near your Firefox’s search bar and you will be just a click or two away from harvesting tons of images on the web. Check out one of their tutorials below.

You can also download the OutWit Hub at Mozilla.

5 Comments on “OutWit Hub: Image Harvester

  1. It’s great. I’ve installed it and am using it right now. Great for selecting downloading multiple images, specially the ones that are cut down to speed up the page loading.

  2. I installed the Outwit hub add-on and it’s pretty impressive. It was pretty easy and quick to download images and use the features it has to offer. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi Louie and the OrangeInks readers,

    The new version ( is now released at mozilla.org and at download.com. Prettier and more efficient, it displays all the pictures faster than before so that you do not need to wait for a long time. Hope you will enjoy it!

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