OnlyChat: Random Chat Anyone?

only chatpngBored and alone with no one to talk to? Try chatting with a random person online. OnlyChat is a chat engine that lets you communicate with random people without revealing personal information about yourself.

To start a chat session, just head over to the OnlyChat site and select a language that you speak. The service does not require registration and you can be completely anonymous to your chat-mate. The only thing that OnlyChat allows you to reveal about yourself is your sex and the sex of the person you want to chat with randomly. If you want to chat with someone regardless of sex, you may do so by just choosing “Stranger” on both your description and your chatmate’s gender option.

This is not recommended for everybody. Chatting with a total stranger can sometimes lead to unpleasant things. If you know what you are doing then head over to the site right now and start chatting. Just be careful in revealing personal information about yourself. The chats are completely anonymous but can’t stop you from revealing sensitive and personal details about yourself If you choose to. So chat safe and enjoy the service.

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