OnlineLinkScan: Scan Websites for Threats

online-link-scanNot sure if a link that was given to you is safe to browse? Try OnlineLinkScan. Like the name suggests, it scans links for threats that may be harmful to your computer. It scans for Viruses, Trojans, Adware and Malware making browsing much safer.

The service scans a link using PhisTank, AVG, Site Truth and Google Safe Browsing. It will give you the analysis result for each of the threat scanner that is used. The threat name will also be displayed on the result as well as the IP address, link status (if the site is clean or not) and the overall result telling if the site is secure or not.

Harmful websites can be detected by your resident anti-virus or anti-spyware software. The problem arises when your anti-virus fails to receive the latest virus database update or if it is expired. Some toolbars (like Google Toolbar) automatically scans a website and tells you if that site is safe. If you are highly concerned with the security of your computer or unsure of a link’s credibility, you might want to try multiple scans using OnlineLinkScan. It never hurts to be careful when browsing an unfamiliar site.


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