Online Converter: Video Files to MP3

Here’s a simple web tool that will rip any video file of its sound/audio and lets you save it as MP3. The converter is called VidtoMP3. It’s a neat and easy way to download MP3 from your favorite online Tube artists. The service is completely free and no registration is required in order to start ripping. No more downloading third party audio rippers to take the videos out of the picture.

The process is very simple. It’s just like using a video downloader. Just place the URL of the video to the VidtoMP3 converter and wait a little bit for to finish the conversion. Once it’s done, you can start downloading the MP3 file.

4 Comments on “Online Converter: Video Files to MP3

  1. this is just in time when i need one!

    i was looking for the MP3 of a Gospel song and i can’t find one, only a music video from youtube. now i have it’s MP3! thanks God!

    thanks a lot for sharing the link! S^_^S

  2. Kuting: I’m glad to be of help to you. By the way thanks for pointing out the typo a while back.

    Revenue: Yes it does take more time than using normal program. I just find its portability useful if you’re going to do it from another computer without the program/software/desktop app.

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