Note2Email Sends Quick Notes to your Email

Note2Email is a simple and free service which allows you to send notes to yourself which you can open in your email address later on. It won’t require you sign up or register to use the service. The note form is readily available on the homepage and has spam protection.

This is a great tool if you want to send a note or a link to yourself or to anyone with an email if you’re browsing from an unsecured network. Accessing your Gmail or other email accounts from other computers which you are not familiar with is a risky thing to do. For more security the user has the option to encrypt the content of the message. The encryption key is not stored for further protection of the content. However, Note2Email can be used for sending anonymous emails and spam messages but the filters and flag system can detect and stop these attempts from their early stages.

5 Comments on “Note2Email Sends Quick Notes to your Email

  1. @The Success: Like Beau71 said, a sticky note will do the job for making notes to self. I think it’s very handy for sending links to yourself perhaps… without logging in to your email to forward the link.

    @Beau71: Nothing beats a sticky note except for those extremely long URLs with the numbers and a dozen slash on it. 🙂

  2. @Natural: Note2Email’s usefulness comes when you’re using the internet under unsecured or public networks. Accessing your email on a computer other than yours is a bit risky. It might not be an everyday app but like you said, it never hurts to know. 🙂

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