Nearby Tweets: Find Twitter Peeps Near your Area

nearbytweets-logoCurious on who’s using Twitter near you? Check out Nearby Tweets. The Twitter tool lets you know who is recently active on Twitter and is tweeting near the location that you entered. The app displays the most recent updates by those people.

Nearby Tweets is a dynamic search tool. It will display the Twitter users who recently made a tweet. You can expect to see a different set of results every time you refresh the search. This is to prevent you from following non active users and giving others a chance to be featured on the service. The more you update, the greater chance of others finding you through Nearby Tweets.


You can also further filter the results by entering specific keywords in tweets. This will allow you to find Twitter peeps which matches you interest. If you want to further expand or narrow your location search, just change the value of the search radius (measured in miles).

This is a great way of finding twitter users near you. It may not be as effective if the user placed a nonexistent or bogus location on his/her twitter profile, but if that’s the case, maybe that user doesn’t want to be found anyway.

2 Comments on “Nearby Tweets: Find Twitter Peeps Near your Area

  1. Doesn’t a twitter advance search do the same thing? I’ll have to check this out to see if it’s any easier, but I’ve found the advanced search a good way of finding people in my “neck of the woods.”

  2. I tried looking for it Mike and didn’t find any. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough. Anyway I didn’t even bother to try searching for using location keywords. I find nearby tweet quite interesting because it lead me to people who are tweeting near my area as soon as I land on their homepage. The service immediately detects your IP address and displays the Tweeps near you. Already made new twitter friends using the service. 🙂

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