Make WikiPedia Portable with WikiTaxi

WikiTaxi is an application that lets you read, search and browse Wikipedia offline. I covered a quite similar application before but it only lets you download a chunk of Wikipedia for offline reading. With WikiTaxi, you get the whole deal and take it anywhere with you.

What I like about this particular tool is its portability. It’s a single-file application in which you just need to double-click in order to run. You can take it anywhere because no installation is needed in order to use WikiTaxi. It does not require a database engine or HTML browser, nor does it require PHP. All functionality is completely self-contained in a single executable. It can sit nicely in you USB thumbdrive and access it from any computer which uses Win32. No OSX version and Windows 64bit version yet.

WikiTaxi does not modify the operating system, except for a small options *.ini file which it places right next to its own executable.

The application also supports multiple languages and also works well with the dictionary and quotation Wikis. Since Wikipedia always update every few weeks, you’ll have to download the latest Wiki version if you want to stay updated or you can copy it from someone with an updated version. To download the Wikipedia dump, just head over to the WikiTaxi link above and look for the download link. You’ll also find the instructions on how to import the WikiPedia dump to WikiTaxi.

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  1. I can spot some use for having an offline Wikipedia sitting in your laptop or thumbdrive. I personally would do this just for the sake of doing it. I’m not a heavy user of Wikipedia but I also enjoy browsing it from time to time.

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