LongURLPlease: Short URL Expander for Firefox

long-url-please-logoLongURLPlease is a Firefox extension that allows you to expand shortened URL’s. Nowadays, short URLs are being thrown around the net more than the original ones are. This is thanks to social networking sites like Twitter and the likes.

Shortening URLs has its advantages, but it also puts the end user at risk. With LongURLPleas installed on your browser (Firefox), you can immediately get an idea on what you’re getting yourself into by having access to the original URL right away. You don’t have to click a button or anything just to view the original links. LongURLPlease will do it for you as soon as you encounter a shortened URL. Check out the screenshot below to see how the URLs on Twitter appears after installing the plugin.


Supporting these 30 services so far: adjix.com, bit.ly, dwarfurl.com, ff.im, idek.net, is.gd, ln-s.net, loopt.us, ping.fm, piurl.com, piurl.com, poprl.com, qlnk.net, reallytinyurl.com, rubyurl.com, short.ie, smallr.com, snipr.com, snipurl.com, snurl.com, tinyurl.com, tr.im, twurl.nl, ub0.cc, ur1.ca, url.ie, urlx.ie, xrl.us, yep.it, zi.ma, zurl.ws

Another tool that you can also use to expand shortened URL’s is LongURL. They have this neat tool that you can use on your websites which allows users to view the full expanded version of the tiny URL. They also have a Firefox extension available. Check it out and see which one works better for you.

3 Comments on “LongURLPlease: Short URL Expander for Firefox

  1. One thing i hate about these short urls is the fact that they are darn so misleading…. but of course, if you are the one needing it to shorten a long one, and if you use it in good faith, that is a respectable move of course.

    Good to read another shared good stuff from you L.

  2. I really don’t mind affiliate links/sites as long as they are mentioned in the content. What I am paranoid of are phishing sites and attack sites which can be dangerous when you are logged-in your emails and other accounts. They’re also great for finding out that if a link is NSFW or inappropriate. Prevents you from wasting time on a link.

    Thanks for your input guys. 🙂

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