LongURL: Make Short URLs Long

LongURL is a service that allows you to see the real URL link hiding behind the URLs generated by link shrinking services such as TinyURL. If you’re thinking that- why not just click link to see the original one? Well, it might be the easiest way to find out but it’s certainly not the safest way, especially if a friend is sending you a NSFW link.

The service can be used in several ways. You can use their site to expand short URLs. Simply paste the shortened link and LongURL will expand it for you. There is also a LongURL Firefox plugin available so that you can use the service anywhere there is a shortened link present (Twitter, Gmail). An alternative to the Firefox Plugin is the GreaseMonkey script. Just load the script on your GreaseMonkey and you’re good to go.

The website plugin is what interests me the most. Website owners can simply add the code (found here) and get an instant LongURL service integrated to their sites. It can be a handy plugin which will benefit visitors who are unfamiliar with the service. Twitter could surely use this.

You can check out the LongURL website plugin in action below. Just Click the expand link near the shortened link to see the original and click the contract to revert it back to tiny mode.


4 Comments on “LongURL: Make Short URLs Long

  1. @Willem: I agree on the annoying part but they sure are useful. Extremely long URLs can mess-up a site’s design.

    @Rogue and My Taex: Like Willem said, URL shinkers are practical but can sometimes be annoying so you guys should also be careful with them. You’ll never know what’s lurking inside those tiny URLs. 😉

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