Lnk.By: Give Meaning to Short URLs

lnkbyLnk.By is a new URL shortening service that promises to give URL shrinking a whole new meaning, literally. This is what a link shrinking service should be like. The short link that Lnk.By creates describes the content found inside. A lot of people are hesitant to click on short URLs because they are afraid of what they’ll find on the other side. Lnk.By can be used to create a more transparent description of what’s inside the shrunken URL.

If you’re going to forward link which contains music, you can easily provide a short URL description saying that what’s on the other side of the link contains music by using the lstn.in URL. The watch.it URL can be used for shortening long video URLs, see.it for photos and read.im for text content.

Even with the link description, the service is not fully protected from people who hide mischievous URLs behind link shorteners. If they can detect pages that doesn’t match the link used to shorten it, which would be very cool, they can reduce the usage of misleading content behind shortened URLs.

Additional Info

This service was created in one weekend. This site will be adding new features regularly, and we’ll also be updating our lists of domains, protocols and file extensions that map to either WACH, SEEE, LSTN, or READ.

*The service is still in Alpha stage


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  1. Don’t forget http://apeurl.com

    They also have a full developers API with JSON and XML access, so other people can use it inside their web apps, flex apps, websites etc.

    Very uncluttered and simple interface, an option to add a custom tag, and it’s all AJAX driven so it’s very fast to get your shortened URL.

    And they have a cute Ape! 🙂

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