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One of the hardest thing that you need to do when starting a new online business, a blog or a website is finding a catchy dot com name that is both meaningful and easy to remember. With all the short names being taken nowadays, most new websites have settled in using other domain extensions (.net, .org, .biz, .me) or taking the “meaningful” out of the equation. They just go with “easy to remember” and build the brand around the chosen dot com name.

If you’re looking for something to name your new (online) company, then you should try using a domain name generator. And, I happen to know one that goes by the name of Lets Name. With this generator, you can easily generate domain names and choose which one is most appropriate for your new company or choose which one you thing is the best to build an online brand for your startup.

It can be useful for finding unique name ideas for all kinds of enterprises: new company, blog, startup – you name it. To start exploring name ideas simply press the Generate Names button. You will be presented with six random names. All name ideas are evaluated in terms of domain name availability and only the ones that are available are presented.

When you hover the name you like you will see a detailed sub-menu with additional information. The number of times each name appears on the web is presented. This can give you an insight to the popularity of the name. The context it can be found in can be easily examined by clicking on a quick Google search link. Each name is also analyzed for twitter username availability.

All the names you like can be saved in your browser so that you can access them later. Only you know witch names are saved and no-one else has access to them.

Apart from exploring randomly generated words, you can also conduct your own search. Enter the name in the search field to check domain name availability of your own name idea. Simply enter the name you want to look up in the box (without www or .com) and the results will appear instantly. You don’t even have to press ENTER.

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