KwiClick: A New Dimension for your Browser for Quicker Surfing

KwiclickKwiClick is a browser enhancement tool for Firefox that will allow you to surf the web in a faster and more efficient way. If you think that tabbed browsing is the best thing that ever happened to Firefox, then you better check out the plugin.

With KwiClick, you can gather information faster. You won’t need to switch between tabs when looking for the right search results. The results are displayed contextually within a non obtrusive panel. You can view the hidden content on embedded videos and images with KwiClick’s on page content detection. You will be able to look at comments and related content from embedded Flickr Imges and Videos. Sharing embedded content also got a lot easier by negating the need to jump to the source page just to share a video or photo.

If you are a Firefox user and want something that will improve your efficiency when it comes to gathering web information and media content, KwiClick is one of the tools that you can utilize. It’s quick to install, easy to use and will definitely improve your internet productivity.

Check out the video demo below.

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