KeepHD Lets you Download HD YouTube Videos

keep-hdThere are severalmany services available online that lets you download YouTube videos.  If you’re looking for a service that lets you download YouTube videos with HD quality, then you might want to try using KeepHD.

The service is nothing fancy. All you need is the YouTube URL. Paste the URL and hit Download Video. A thumbnail of the video will appear along with the list format you want the video to be converted. You can download the low quality FLV file, 3GP Mobile version, MP4 High Quality and the 720P HD goodness. Just click any format you wish to start the download.

KeepHD detects the available quality for each YouTube video. If the video that you are downloading using KeepHD does not have a HD version, the 720p link will not appear. This is to prevent confusion and wasted time downloading the wrong quality video. The service is dead simple and very easy to use which makes it a great app. Enjoy.


*You might also want to try  KickYouTube. A cool service that let’s you download YouTube videos by just adding the word “kick” on front of the video URL.

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