Kallout Embeds your Applications with Online Search Tools

Kallout is a Windows based program which integrates itself to other applications so that you can do searches from within those applications. This way you can easily get search results without leaving the application and opening your browser. They are calling this a “Selection-based search” system.

All you need is just to highlight a portion of the context you want to search and mouseover on a tool tip which will appear whenever text is highlighted. Choose a service you want to use and you can easily get the result you want without opening a browser. KallOuts offer fast access to Google Maps, Wikipedia Articles, YouTube Videos, Flickr Photos, Amazon Products, Yahoo News and a lot more web services.

Kallout is a great addition to Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe Adobe Acrobat. You can easily get word meanings from dictionary.com or search Wikipedia for related topics. It also works on Internet Explorer and Firefox which makes it a great search add-on to the browsers if you are not doing heavy searches. It will also minimize tab usage. You don’t have to open another tab or type from your keyboard to search for locations and other stuff related to your keyword. Just highlight a text and click and search results will be available to you in just a few seconds.

4 Comments on “Kallout Embeds your Applications with Online Search Tools

  1. This looks like another great program to make it easier for people to search for a particular topic close to your finger tips.

    If you are using this “KallOut” program and you are highlighting text with the intention to ‘COPY’ that section of text only, can the tooltip that appears be a bit distracting or does it automatically disappear when you right mouse click and select the ‘Copy’ option?

  2. Marie, that was the question that I asked before testing the application. When I tested it, I found out that Kallout will activate only if you hover your mouse to the Kallout Icon and to activate the copy menu, you have to right click the mouse button. They use two different commands to activate. I don’t really think that this will make much difference unless you accidentally hover your mouse to tha Kallout icon when it appears which will only display the Kallout list of services. You can always right click on the text and will still display the “copy” and other commands.

  3. Thanks Louie, that’s great to know, especially for someone like myself who would not be able to live without their ability to copy and paste!


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