JustUnfollow: Easily Unfollow Tweeps who are Not Following You

To some people, Twitter is a two way relationship. If you follow me, I’ll follow you or vice versa. If you’re the type of tweeps that really takes the follow-me-follow you rule seriously, then JustUnfollow is the right tweeter app for you. It will allow you to quickly unfollow people who are not following you on Twitter.

Simply login to JustUnfollow using your Twitter account and you can immediately start ending Twitter relationships with non-followers. A number of Twitter users who are not following you will appear and you can simply select which ones you want to unfollow. It will automatically update the page and give you more people to dump as soon as you are finished with the first batch.

This tool simply makes it easier to find out who are not following you and put an end to it in an instant. It’s great for tweeps who follow thousand of other twitter users. There’s just one thing. You are limited to unfollow 50 persons per day. If the number of people you want to unfollow exceeds 50, you can come back and do it again the day after.

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