Just Beamit is a Dead Simple Drag and Drop Large File Transfer Service

Do you have a file that you’re meaning to send to someone but it’s too damn large for email? You could always use Dropbox and upload the file to your public folder. But, if you don’t have Dropbox or for some reason you don’t want to use Dropbox for sending the file, there’s always an alternative. And the alternative doesn’t always have to be that complicated. In fact, this is by far the easiest alternative to online file transfer programs out there – and it comes in the form of a web app.

The service is called Just Beam It. Like the name suggests, all you need to do is beam your file to the recipient. Seriously, just drag the file that you want to send to JustBeamIt’s website and it will create a private URL for you. Send that URL to your friend and wait for your file to beam itself to the other side. It’s that simple.

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JustBeamIt does not host your file. Your file will not stay at JustBeamIt’s server. It will only serve as a gateway between you and your friend (sender and recipient). That’s why the sender cannot leave the website until the download is finished or the transfer process will have to be repeated, which will pretty much suck for both parties if the connection is severed. Either way, it’s still a great alternative to other file sharing apps (what other file sharing apps?). It’s dead simple and easy to use. It’s a web app, so no installation is needed. And there’s no need to register for an account or whatsoever. Just beam it baby.


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