Install Wikipedia In An iPhone or iPod Touch

This guy just installed the sum of all world knowledge in his iPod Touch. The video shows us how to install Wikipedia in an iPhone and iPod Touch.

First you need a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch to do this hack. Jailbreaking is the term used for hacking your iPhone/iPod Touch so you can install third party applications, add ringtones and change wallpapers. What it does is open up your iPhone or iPod Touch’s file system so it can be accessed from your computer. Then you’ll need SSH installed to copy the files to your iPhone. The copy takes one to two hours to finish so make sure that you have enough free time and battery life(or just keep your device plugged in) before you do this. You can also find other video tutorials from ipodtouchhackster in his YouTube profile. The tutorials currently featured are Jailbreaking, Install Snes Emulator and some Troubleshooting and customization tricks.

7 Comments on “Install Wikipedia In An iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. jailbreaking ruins ipod warrinty for the ipod’s warrinty covers what they let you see/ do and if you download jailbreak it breaks the warrninty becuase apple will say you went to websites that you weren’t suppose to go giving you a virus

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