How to Share and Download an Entire Album from Flickr

Sometimes, a friend will ask you to send them and entire album of photos even if you’ve uploaded them to your Flickr account. The common reason for this is that it takes to damn long to go through each photo and download them manually. Thankfully, there’s a web app that you can use to share an entire Flickr album that is ready for downloading.

FlickAndShare will let you share and download and entire Flick set in three simple steps. The first step is to connect your Flickr account with FlickAndShare. Then, simply choose the set to share. You’ll be given a short link to download all the photos in your set. The final step is of course to share the link and let your friends download the photos you’ve shared.

This simple web app will save you and your friends a lot of time if you’re sharing a large amount of photos, especially if you’re sharing the same album to a number of people. Upload to your Flickr account, create a link and let them download. Simple.

[Flick And Share]

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