How to Camouflage your Facebook Browsing at Work

We recently featured a desktop tool (Max and Windows) called Excell Book that allows you to open Facebook at work and make it look like a spreadsheet. Well, here’s another option for you to check out if you don’t want your co-workers to notice that you’re opening your Facebook profile while working. The name of the app is

What makes different from Excell Book is that it’s a web app. There’s no need to install anything or carry a portable version of the desktop app on your flash drive. Simply head over to the website and grant it access to your Facebook account to see the spreadsheet magic.

Hover to the photo links and you’ll see a thumbnail photo appear on the bottom right of your “spreadsheet.” Hover to comments and you’ll see the comments pop out. This is also true for likes.

Pressing the spacebar while logged in to HardlyWork will make it shift into a stealthier mode. It will display a page mimicking a daily cash flow excel sheet.


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