How Make your Dropbox Portable

Having a Dropbox account is very convenient. You get to backup and access your files in the “cloud.” It also makes it easier for you to grab the saved files on your mobile devices. Well, I really don’t need to talk about how great Dropbox is or what it is capable of, especially if you’re already using it. What we need to discuss now is how to make it portable and some of its advantages.

What is a portable Dropbox? It’s basically the same application, only a bit modified. It’s like the one you have installed on your computer, except that you get to carry it on a flash drive/ thumb drive and run it on other computers without going to the trouble of installing it there. So if you’re interested here’s how it’s done:

The process is really easy actually. You just need to download the application called DropboxPortableAHK.

Upon downloading the app, install it on your computer. If you see a message Your Dropbox files are missing. Do you want to download them?” There’s no need to panic, just press yes and continue with the installation. DropboxPortableAHK will download the files necessary to complete the installation.

After the download, the setup panel will appear. Here, you can select which drive you want the Portable Dropbox installed. There are also options for updates and versions.

Having a portable Dropbox increases the convenience of the original Dropbox. With this you can carry your files on your flash drive and cloud sync them anytime. You’ll also be able to use Dropbox on computers with restrictions (e.g.: office computers that never allow you to install anything). The best part of having a portable Drobox is that you get to configure multiple Dropbox account in one computer. To do this, simply login to another (existing) Dropbox account when setting up DropboxPortableAHK.


  • Provides the newest dropbox version available
  • Keeps dropbox up to date
  • Makes it fully portable -> you do not have to install it on every pc you use, just copy the entire directory and start the application
  • You can put your dropbox on your USB-Stick and have it with you all the time
  • You can select which folders should be synchronized to your folder (Selective Sync)
  • You can maintain multiple dropbox accounts on the same computer/user account
  • You can use your dropbox everywhere, also without administrator privileges
  • If a new version is released, the old version will pop up a notification window asking you whether you want to update it or not.



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