Give Your Facebook Page The Glare Effect Using the Konami Code

This is a Facebook Easter egg that I’ve just recently discovered. I don’t know for how long has this been active on Facebook. You might already have heard about it or know how to do it but I’m just going to share it with you anyway.

The Konami Code or Konami command is a cheat code that appears on many Konami games. I remember using the code whenever I play Contra (Nintendo Entertainment System) back in the days. So here’s how the cheat goes. Just press Up-Up-Down-Down- Left- Right- Left- Right- B- A and you’re all set. Now, Facebook seemed to have implemented this cheat code. Actually, it’s more of a special effect code rather than a cheat code. What happens when you press the buttons mentioned on your keyboard is you get a glaring effect on your Facebook page whenever you click your mouse. It’s not really something that will enhance user experience while using Facebook, some might even consider it an annoyance but it’s still fun and good to know that such thing exists. Go try it out on your Facebook page. On your keyboard, press Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-b-a-enter.



4 Comments on “Give Your Facebook Page The Glare Effect Using the Konami Code

  1. I can’t believe Facebook would put up an Easter egg, eh?

    Anyway, I gave this “Konami” key sequence a try and it worked out for me. Those effects appear when I move the scroll bars or click on any part of the Facebook page.

  2. Not entirely useful but it’s quite fun hehe. The effect only lasts while you’re on the page where it is activated. Once you leave that page, you’ll have to input the “Konami Code” again. 😉

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