GifMake: Online Animated GIF Maker

Want a quick solution in making an animated GIF file? Try GifMake. It’s a simple web application which turns your images into an animated GIF. It supports gif, jpeg and png image file formats. You can easily transform the mentioned files into a single animated GIF file by using the service. You can also use GifMake to decompose existing animated GIF’s.

How to Use:

Simply upload an image file from your computer or use an existing online image file by placing in the URL of the image. Once the images are properly uploaded, place the length of time (measured in milliseconds) you want the images to appear before displaying the next image. You can also enter a value in the Animation Loop to limit the amount of times the image will animate. If you want an infinite loop then just leave the Animation Loop value at zero.

If you happen to decide to change an image in the GIF file, you can just put a check on the checkbox located on the right side of the image and click the button Picture Replace. This will also be helpful when decomposing existing animated GIF files and changing or removing images in the animated file.

This is a very useful tool for easily creating animated GIF images. You don’t have to seek professional help or read/watch an image editing tutorial just to create your own animated images. Bloggers can also produce animated banner ads or animated favicons for their sites. I would suggest though that before uploading images to GifMake, make sure that the sizes of the images are about the same size if not the same. This will make your creation process a lot faster and with less or no distorted images. Check out the sample I made using GifMake.

8 Comments on “GifMake: Online Animated GIF Maker

  1. This was really easy to try out and use. Very simple and it was very quick to create the animated gif image once you upload at least 2 images.

    It was fun, but I think the infinite loop setting gave me a minor epileptic fit watching the gif image flash!

  2. LOL! It also happened to me when I tested it the first time. I forgot to properly set the length of time. By default it was set to 10 milliseconds I think. The images flashed so fast and it was very annoying to watch.

    It would be nice though if they would place a fade effect setting before the next image appears. It will prevent quick flashing of images which really hurts the eyes. Thanks trying it out and for the feedback Marie. 🙂

  3. I will check it out. Thanks very much for telling us about this. And, for the comments on the setting for flash time. Another great post!

  4. Carol:You’re welcome. I failed to elaborate the Flash Time feature. Set it to a minimum of 100 milliseconds. This will prevent the animation from being annoying and hurtful to the eyes.

    Matt: Thanks for the Digg dude. 🙂

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