GetMooh Bails you Out of Sticky Situations

GetMooth is an automated callback service designed to bail you out of sticky social situations by calling you automatically on your mobile phone at a pre-specified time. It will play a recording which can either instruct you on what to say or give a convincing sense of you being on an important call.

The service is free and signing up is very easy. Just hand them out your name and mobile phone number. The password for your account will be sent to you by SMS (text message). Once signed in, you can immediately set-up a fake call to your mobile number. Place the number to call along with the date and time you want the call to be made. Select a recording that will be played to you at the time of the fake call. You can listen to the recordings on your computer before making a selection.

GetMooh is not only great for getting you out of situations you don’t want to be part of. The service can also be used to send recorded birthday greetings to your friends. You can set-up up to two calls per day. There are times that you might experience a call-time to be booked out because the service can only make a certain number of calls a day. The two calls a day limit also prevents naughty users from making crank calls and abusing the service.

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  1. @Robyn: I think so too. LOL!

    @GetSmartGal: Thanks. It also works on different countries. Forgot to mention it on the post.

    @Gina: Recordings translated to different languages would be great. Hehe.

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