Fuse Together Multiple URLs into a Single URL

FuseURL is a simple web tool that lets you create a single short URL from multiple URLs. What the engine does is it gathers all the websites that you have entered and lets you view those websites in one browser window or tab under a specially made URL and page for you.

To use the service, just place the list of URLs that you want to fuse and add a comment about the list if you want then click the fuse button. FuseURL will then create (as mentioned above) a special URL for you so you can share or email it to your friends. You will notice that the created fused URL comes in two variants:

The first URL will give you a page with links and comment (if any) on top. The viewer can then choose what URL he/she wants to see. Check out the sample in this URL: http://fuseurl.com/6x

The Second URL generally creates a single page containing all the websites you fused together. The sites are separated by forms where you can scroll and navigate from within. Check out the sample in this URL: http://all.fuseurl.com/6x

The FuseURL team is quite concerned with the security of their service when it comes to spam. This is what they have to say (via email interview) regarding spambots:

The goal is to keep Fuse URL service as simple as possible for users. We don’t require any registration or sign-in to use the service. If spambots becomes a problem, we will enable a CAPTCHA before submitting certain type of URLs. But before enabling CAPTCHA, we will try to detect spambots by usage ratios, no images access (spambots do not download images) and by using other known methods. We will also introduce a way to flag the generated links and preview the actual URL before accessing it.

FuseURL is a neat tool that you can use for creating shorter URLs out of different sites that you want to share. Instead of sending out a list of URLs to your friends, you can fuse them together into a simpler, single URL. If the service pushes through, we can look forward to a new level when it comes to managing our bookmarks.

5 Comments on “Fuse Together Multiple URLs into a Single URL

  1. Thats a pretty cool idea. I think it will be most useful for sending multiple websites to people grouped by a particular category. I quite like the “all” feature where you can see all sites in a quick overview.
    I also liked the examples you used 🙂

  2. It idea is to shorten the links being sent to people who are doing research about a particular topic. Instead of sending multiple links with super long URLs it will stay neat and clean especially for URLs being sent through emails

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