Fumpr Image Host: No Registration Required

Need an image hosted right away? Try Fumpr. It’s a simple image hosting site which offers nothing more than its description. It hosts images fast with no strings attached. No registration is required. Just upload an image and you will instantly get the embed code, image URL, download link and forum code.

I don’t really see Fumpr to be of much use for hosting images that are posted on blogs and websites. You will have to remember the URL of your image in case you want to get back to it and use it again for another post. If by any chance that you did not get to save the URL or embed code, you’ll have to upload another one. The lack of registration also takes away management options for your hosted images.

This is very useful for quickly sharing temporary images online. Temporary meaning the ones that you do not really want to keep around like a screen shot of an error message that you are trying to fix. You can get instant embed code and forum codes. Fumpr is very useful in forum conversations to quickly post an image online. If you want to quickly share an image from your harddrive, just go to Fumpr, upload and share. That’s it, no more logging in to your Flickr and uploading a photo or image to share it. This is also a great alternative if you want to share images or screen shots which you do not wish to include in your photo collection in Photobucket or Flickr account.

8 Comments on “Fumpr Image Host: No Registration Required

  1. Sounds like Filedropper but specifically for images. Like any free hosting site, it’s great if you don’t mind sharing your images with anyone or not concerned about privacy/security issues.

    I do like their ‘fumpr’ logo – looks like a green caterpillar and it sure stands out. 🙂

  2. hey thanks for wanting to advertise on my blog thru entercard, if you are interested in a link exchange i would be very happy to put you on my respected sites widget,

    and about this post, fumpr sounds pretty cool, i’ll be sure to try it next time i need to upload a photo,
    thanks again
    Daily Free Software

  3. Marie: Yeah it’s like filedropper for images. 🙂 I also like the logo. It reminds me of GeekRiddles’ logo. I wonder what happened to his riddle site. I loved that site and loved solving his riddles.

    phoFuki: That I don’t know man.There is no information in their website about that one. I guess that they have to host the images for as long as the service exists or else it would not be of any use to anyone. Since most images have have rather small sizes, I think they can afford to host them all. 🙂

  4. Juzten: Sorry for the late reply. My Akismet branded your comment as spam. I allow up to two links in the comments and you only have one. I don’t know why Akismet did that.

    Anyway, your offer sounds great but I have my blogroll full and placing more entries in it will stretch my sidebar further down. Thanks for allowing my advert to run on your blog and thanks for considering me to be on your respected sites.

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