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Easily View FriendFeed Links in StumbleRead

StumbleRead is a link browser for your FriendFeed links. Normally, when using Friendfeed, you have to click the link and open a new tab in order to read or browse the content on a particular feed. With StumbleRead, you can browse all the FriendFeed feeds on the sidebar, and view those feeds on the same page.

What I like about the service is that its features are not only restricted to stumbling a feed. You can also make your comments and bookmark a particular feed from the StumbleRead sidebar. You can choose to StumbleRead your FriendFeed friends or StumbleRead everyone’s feed. You can also use its sharing tool to quickly add what you have stumbled to your FriendFeed account and share it with your friends.

The service is quite simple and pretty useful if you are a heavy FriendFeed user. If you are thinking of starting a FriendFeed account, you might want to check out StumbleRead and see if it will work out for you. You do not need to register for a new account in order to use the service. You just need to hand them out your FriendFeed nickname and FriendFeed remote key.

FriendFeed Machine for FriendFeed Management

FriendFeed Machine is a service that helps you manage your Friendfeed account. You can view your friends’ feeds separately. This will allow you to properly distinguish where a particular feed came from. It also lets you view how many comments a feed got from other users. You can also filter the feeds by the service from which they came from. Just click the logo of the service (e.g Twitter) and you can see all the tweets made by that user.

I also noticed the absence of links to the feeds in FriendFeed Machine. To some, this might cause inconvenience because of its inability to direct you to the links that you might find interesting. If they place links in there then they’ll become a FriendFeed aggregator of some sort. It will take away its purpose of being a friendly FriendFeed webapp. It would be nice though if they could just integrate their features to FriendFeed itself. That will surely increase FriendFeed’s management features.

Cleaner FriendFeed

Cleaner FriendFeed offers the name that it suggests, a cleaner Friendfeed. It changes FriendFeed’s layout by removing the logo and changing the fonts, spacing and highlights. You can also tweak it to fit your taste. Cleaner FriendFeed is available in Stylish(a Firefox Plugin) or you can use the GreaseMonkey Script.

Lets be friends in FriendFeed.

4 Comments on “FriendFeed Friendly Apps

  1. Great find on the StumbleRead! That will certainly come in handy! I’m pretty curious about the Cleaner too, so I will be checking on that one too! I also added a subscription to you – it will help me keep up with your posts, which I always find useful/helpful! 🙂

  2. I have used Twitter for awhile now but I have been running into so many issues, and error screens. I took a break from it for a bit and now coming back to it I just don’t have as much interest, so I have been looking around for a new site. I will have to check this out because I hear quiet a few people talking about it lately. Thanks.

  3. HawksDomain: Thanks for the kind words and thanks for following me on FriendFeed. I followed you back. 🙂

    CPU Solutions: I have been a member for quite some time but I have yet to utilize it. I think it’s great and I really enjoy trying out different social networking sites. I should start following more people in friendfeed. It’s great for getting inside information from different companies.

    Juzten: Don’t mention it. 😀

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