Free File Hosting for RAR Files

RarHost is a free hosting service focused on hosting RAR files. RAR is the native format of WinRAR archiver. What makes RarHost so great is that you can actually view the content of the RAR file before making a download. This will give the user the ability to scout the inside of the compressed file for malicious wares that might me included in the RAR file.

The service offers unlimited hosting for RAR files as long as it is below 350MB per file. If your file is larger than 350 MB you have to split it in order to upload it in RarHost. Files uploaded by non members will only be hosted for 30 days on inactivity. Members will be given 2 months of non download activity before the file is removed from the database.

Registration is quick and free so I see no reason for uploading files as a non member. Members can access the file URL anytime in their dashboards and can manage uploaded files a lot quicker by taking advantage of the monitoring service. You can check how many times your RAR files have been downloaded. The uploader also has the ability to delete the files that he/she uploaded in RarHost. A special file URL will be available to the uploader for quick sharing to friends. You can also set a password to the uploaded file if you wish. This is great if the file you are sharing is only for specific downloaders.

There are many free file hosting services available online where you can also upload RAR files. The only thing is that the other user, which is the downloader, will never know what is in that file until the download is finished. RarHost provides literally more transparency when it comes to viewing the contents of the uploaded compressed files.

4 Comments on “Free File Hosting for RAR Files

  1. I suggest you store your files on this site in order to save on bandwidth costs. Files are hosted on a 1000Mbit unmetered port. You can put links to these files on your website so your users can easily download them. They have no download limitations, hosting costs are only covered by advertising revenue. No worry that you’ll need to buy a “premium” account.

  2. Thanks for telling us about eatbytes Jean. It sounds like a great file hosting service. I will check it out and maybe even do a review. The no need to purchase a premium account sounds great.

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