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Edicy is another website design tool which lets you create a fully functioning website in just a few minutes. The easy to use WYSIWYG editor makes it a useful tool for users who want a website created quickly without coding knowledge.

Based on their template designs, the web editor is basically designed for creating a simple profile pages for small companies and individuals. You can choose from a small selection of templates with simple but elegant designs. Although the editor doesn’t give much freedom to customize the layout of the page, it does allow you to easily add media to your pages. Edicy also has a blog installed where you can compose a blog entry from within the web editor.

Wix: This is a tool for creating flash based blog sites which we covered when it was still in private beta. It is now out for public use and I must say that this is the most interesting flash based website creator that I’ve ever seen. The editor has a very visual touch where you can just drag and drop media on the pages. When I tested the service, the only coding part that I can remember of doing is the part where I placed a URL link to an outside site. Wix also offers an embed code for your flash site so you can publish your creation and embed it anywhere. You can read the full review.

Weebly: This one of the more popular website creation tool. It gives a lot of freedom to the user with regards to the content of the created website. It even allows you monetize your creation and place Google Adsense and Adbrite ads in your pages. Custom HTML is also allowed which makes the tool quite versatile. They have a wide range of templates for you to choose from which makes it a favorite of many.

FirstPagr: Make a simple introduction page with FirstPagr. Create lists, list items with links, descriptions and images, and drag and drop lists and items. It’s great for introducing your list of websites or top favorite websites to everybody. Firstpagr is very simple and very easy to use.

Google Sites: Is a website creation tool which is geared to creating a simple website for a group of people or a community. The members can each access the created website to input their own content/news. Read the review.

8 Comments on “Free Easy Website Design Tools

  1. It’s amazing the many options available to be able to setup websites so easily these days. We’ve really come a long way, that’s for sure.

    I have tried using Google sites in the past and I was impressed how easy it all was to setup. It’s certainly beneficial for someone who wants to put up a static page just so they can quickly promote their business so people can find them easily online.

    Thanks for the review of the other applications available out there for all of us to choose from and try out 🙂

  2. Yeah, I remember when I was still coding HTML using Homesite and Dreamweaver for days just to produce a simple website. Now, you can actually get that and more in just a few minutes. Wix and Weebly are my favorite tools. Google Sites is also great.

  3. Saffron… I agree with you on that. Learning bit of HTML could be very useful. It always gives you more freedom with the site that you’ll create. These tools are for those people who have no or little coding knowledge and besides, it makes the job done a lot faster.

    Thanks for the freewebs update. I should have included it in the list if I’ve known about it before I wrote the article.

  4. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that now it’s possible to fully customize any template with Edicy as well as add your own templates if you want.

    Thanks for the mention!


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