FirstFollower lets you know your First Twitter Follower

Wanna know who your first Twitter follower is? FirstFollower is the app to use. It will tell you who followed you on Twitter first. I don’t know how this can be useful to you but in cases that you want to find out who first followed you on Twitter, naturally this will come in handy.

To find out who your first follower is on Twitter, simply make the jump to the site and enter your Twitter nickname. FirstFollower will track down the username of the one who decided to follow you on your early Twitter days. You’ll be able to find out if the person is still following you or not. You’ll also be able to view his/her latest tweet.

Whether you are just curious and want to find out who your first follower is or you want to tell your thousands of follower who first followed you on Twitter, this single function website will definitely be useful to you. You can reconnect with your first follower if that person stopped following your tweets. Other than that, it just seems to be a one-time app that expires on users minds after the first run.

1 Comment on “FirstFollower lets you know your First Twitter Follower

  1. Much more useful to know who chose you as they’re first person to follow. In other words, I don’t care that my first follower was @joeblow. I’d rather know if I was the first person @joeblow followed. That would tell me which people picked me as the first person they chose to follow, which is far more valuable than knowing the ONE person who followed you first. If anyone has skills with the Twitter API and wants to build that enormously more useful tool, I’ll be happy to sell “” to you.

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