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What makes Firefox so great is not because it’s a fast browser. From my experience, Opera is still a faster browser than Firefox and consumes even less memory. Even if the older versions of Firefox are having memory issues, a lot of people including me still use it as the primary browser. This is because of the huge amount of add-ons available for Firefox. Those add-ons are the key to the success of the browser.

Here’s another extension that you might find of great use, especially those who take a lot of screen shots. The add-on is called FireShot. It’s a screen shot editor which you can run along with your Firefox browser. You can use it to take quick screenshots of web pages and edit them right away. You don’t have to open Photoshop or other editing tools to crop and edit your screenshots. Just right click on the page and select capture and edit. The editor will pop out and you can make take advantage of the tools which lets you quickly modify captures and insert text and graphical annotations.

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Another feature of Fireshot that I find useful is that it can take a screenshot of the entire webpage. This is very useful if you have a limited screen size and need a larger screen shot scale.

The plugin is free to download. The pro version will give you some upgrades but nothing that big if you’re not a heavy user. You will get the pro features for the first 30 days and will automatically switch to simple mode after that, which is still very useful.

Note: FireShot is also available for Internet Explorer users.

8 Comments on “FireShot: Firefox Screenshot Editor Plugin

  1. Thanks for this I have been using a free trial version of snagit for my blog, and i was wondering what to do when the trial runs out. Now i have an alternative!

  2. @Alfred: Snagit looks cool but the 49.95 dollar price tag seems a bit too high for a screen capture software. Fireshot also offers a pro version for 20 bucks but the regular version works fine for me. The only features added in the Pro version are:

    Multi-editor interface.
    Organizing files into projects.
    Saving and Loading graphic files.
    Unlimited Undo.
    Work with clipboard.
    Independent window that doesn’t lock your browser anymore.

    If you can live without the pro-features I mentioned then Fireshot is just right for you. 🙂

  3. Thank you! This is something that I’ve been looking for. I did have a free trial of SnagIt and I really liked it, but I’m too cheap to pay for it. This looks like the ticket for me.Thanks again!

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