Firefox Read It Later Bookmarking Add-On for Offline Reading

Read It Later is a Firefox extension that allows a user to bookmark and save pages for later reading. Even though that I would still prefer an online bookmark service, Read It later is quite a useful piece of application for your Firefox Browser if utilized properly.

How to Use:
After downloading Read It Later and installing it, you can use it like any normal bookmarking plugin. Just click the Read Later button to bookmark a page you want to read later. After reading the bookmarked page, you can Mark it As Read and it will automatically be removed from your list. If you happen to really like the page you are reading and save it for later, you can easily add it to your online bookmarking service in just one click. It lists popular online bookmarking sites like, Digg, reddit and Stumbleupon. You can also choose to add the page to your Firefox Bookmarks.

It Gets Even Better:

The newest version of Read It Later is designed for Firefox 3. They added a simple check button which lets you bookmark an URL by simply pressing the check button. To mark as read, just remove the check on the URL and it will disappear from your list. This makes the add-on a lot easier to use.

Another Useful Feature:

There is another feature that I find particularly useful in Read It Later. The Read Offline feature lets you download your entire list for later reading. Just put a check on the page you want to bookmark and access the Read Later menu. You will see there a link saying “read offline” this will automatically download the pages in your entire list. If you have a rather large list, then it may take a while for the download to finish. It might be a good idea to properly manage your list before proceeding with the download. The downloaded list will be available for you to read even if you’re offline. This can be quite useful for users using mobile computers.

This Firefox Add-on tip was contributed by Nishadha of RumblingLankan who made a comment about it on the LaterThis post. Thanks Nishadha.

8 Comments on “Firefox Read It Later Bookmarking Add-On for Offline Reading

  1. Nishadha,it’s a very useful Firefox add-on indeed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 🙂

    Doru: Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Woot! Firefox is the best in my opinion! I don’t know how much longer Internet Explorer and other browsers are going to survive? Haha, Thanks for the info on the features of Firefox!

  3. Hi Gerardo. While Opera is also a great browser, Firefox beats it with all it’s Add-Ons, plugins, tweaks, etc. And, most web services are first and foremost designed to run great on Firefox than any other browser. That makes Firefox number one. 😀 Thanks for stopping by man.

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