Firefox Plugin: Open a Page in Google Chrome from Firefox

The Open in Google Chrome Firefox plugin allows you to open a page currently on Firefox to Google’s new browser. Since Google Chrome only works on Windows (for now) the plugin is available for Windows users only.

With the enormous amount of plugins out there built for Firefox, there is no doubt that it is still the best browser. The only thing that makes Chrome stand out is its speed and efficiency in handling page loads and errors on pages. If you want to use Google Chrome from time to time and still have your Firefox as your default browser, then this plugin is for you. Chrome is also great for loading Google Apps of course. If you want to use Chrome for your Google Apps, but want to stick to Firefox as your primary browser this is how:

Download the plugin here.

The plugin is not on the official Firefox Add-on pages so you have to install manually. Just drag the file to your Firefox browser and it will ask you to install. After installation, click options for “Open in Google Chrome.” You have to paste the file path of your Chrome.exe. If you do not know the path of your Google Chrome, just right click your Chrome shortcut and select properties. It will display the target path for the Chrome.exe.

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You can also set a site URL to open automatically in Chrome once you typed it in Firefox. This is very handy for opening Google apps in Chrome through your Firefox browser. You might encounter a problem with their icon. After I installed the plugin, the icon did not appear immediately on my Firefox browser. To resolve this, all you have to do is click View>Toolbars>Customize and drag the Chrome icon to your Firefox toolbar.

Source: Lifehacker

4 Comments on “Firefox Plugin: Open a Page in Google Chrome from Firefox

  1. I have read many articles on google chrome for the past two hours. Could you plz let me know how to deleate the bookmarks from the google chrome. I am not be able to deleate the bookmark list.

  2. @Checkers Tips: Do you have your bookmark toolbar visible in your Google Chrome? Try pressing Ctrl +B to display the bookmarks toolbar. Or you can go back to the bookmarked page and press the star button and simply click remove. I hope that helps. If you have other questions, please feel free to write them on the comments. 🙂

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