FFScheduler: Schedule Your FriendFeed Posts

ffschedulerWith FriendFeed now under the wings of Facebook, there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll see more third party apps developing for the one stop social networking update site. This is good news for FriendFeed which has been overpowered by Twitter in terms of growth. If more developers will continue to support the service, it will no doubt become a better alternative for most to the popular Twitter service.

FFScheduler is an app that allows you to schedule your posts on FriendFeed. It functions pretty much like the number of Twitter apps that does exactly the same thing. To schedule your posts and make them appear as if you are live and online.

To use the app, just head over to their site and login to your FriendFeed account through the service. Allow access to FfScheduler to begin scheduling your posts. Just place the title of the post, link and your first comment. You can also add multiple photo URLs and Audio (mp3) URLs on your scheduled posts. The last step is to set the date and time you want your scheduled post(s) to appear on your FriendFeed page.

ffscheduler schedule friendfeed posts

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