FeedScrub: Weed Out Unwanted Posts on Feeds

feedscrub-logoIf you are an RSS fan and likes getting updates through RSS Feeds, then you better check out this one. FeedScrub is a service made for RSS junkies. We all have our favorite sites and blogs, but the thing is, not all articles posted on a particular site will catch your interest. There will probably a post or two that doesn’t concern you. FeedScrub will help you clean-up your RSS feeds.

Feedscrub is like a spam filter for your news feeds. It filters out the posts that are least interesting to you and leaves only the stuff that is relevant. When you Scrub a post about “politics”, the words in that post will be taken and use them to train your filter. After a while your filter learns that you’re not interested in “politics” and filters out posts about “politics”.

How it Works

1. First, tell Feedscrub which feeds you’d like to filter. In return they will give you one feed with all your content aggregated.

2. Next, for each post you’re not interested in, click the “Scrub” button. The more posts you scrub, the more accurate your filter will get.

3. Check your “junk feed” periodically to catch any relevant posts that were auto-scrubbed. If you find any, click the “Save” button.

This is a great tool for cleaning your feeds and filtering posts that are irrelevant to you. You can still view the feeds that were weeded out through the junk feed. Better check them every once in a while to see if you missed a few relevant stories.


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  1. You’re welcome Jason. I find your app very interesting and quite useful. I’d like to see more features and further improvements in the app. I’ll be keeping an eye on Feedscrub. Keep up the great work and goodluck to you and you’re team. 🙂

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