FacesForce: Add a Video Pitch to your Online Resume

faces forceIf you don’t think that text is enough to express your thoughts, you can always add images to avoid lengthy explanations. Some provide visual information of themselves through photos and images of their work. Combining them all together will bring us to the use of videos. FacesForce lets you combine video messaging, text and images into a single canvas that you can share with selected recipients to clearly convey your thoughts.

With the use of a webcam and an internet connected pc, you can introduce yourself, your business, your ideas and more to prospects. You can use FacesForce to show recruiters your personality and enthusiasm along with skills and experience. One resume doesn’t fit all. Tailor your resumes to your target positions. You can create a different video pitch for each curriculum vitae targeting different companies and positions. Measure which ones work best and frequently improve them with FacesForce.

The service is completely free. Just register for an account and start creating your video pitch as soon as your account gets activated. You can publish your video resume publicly or set a password and control who sees your information. Make your online resume more interesting and let it stand out.

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