Export your Stumbleupon Favorites

Here is a nice web tool that lets you export your StumbleUpon Favorites into your computer. Instead of copying the links from your StumbleUpon account, you can import as many as you like using this tool. The guy who made this said that after contacting StumbleUpon a few times about an exporter tool, he didn’t get a single reply, so he made his own tool.

This tool will come in handy if ever you want to review your favorite links without going to your Stumbleupon page. You can also import it to your Firefox Browser’s bookmarks if you want to keep it there. What is great about this tool is that it sorts your favorite links into categories so you can easily browse through your stumbled links. Instead of browsing through your StumbleUpon pages which is sorted by date and time.


How to use:

Like in the image above, just place in your StumbleUpon username (no password required), and the number of favorite links you want to import. Toggle the check box if you want to group your exported links by categories (recommended). Then just press the Import Favorites button and it will start creating your file. You can save the generated page to your desktop or import to your Firefox browser.


  • In order for this to work, you must set your profile publicly. In your StumbleUpon Preferences under “Personal Information” in My Favorites”, choose Show Favorites to everyone. And under “Public Profile”, in “Share Favorites with Visitors”, choose show all favorites.
  • The exporter will not work on profiles that are “R”  and “X” rated.

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