Encodor: Encrypt your Messages

encodorThere are times that you want to keep some of your messages private. Encodor is a simple online tool that allows you to do so. You can use it to encrypt short messages and set a password keeping prying eyes from viewing them.

Encodor allows you encrypt up to 400 character long messages. You can set up a 30 character long password for your encrypted message. Just make sure that you don’t forget the password or your message will never be read by the recipient. The recipient must paste the encrypted message on Encodor’s input box and input the right password in order to decrypt the message. It may not be as quick as other web apps that that hides your message behind a password protected page and creates a special link, but it does a pretty good job of encrypting your message. If you don’t mind the extra effort of cut and paste then you’ll find Encodor pretty useful.

If you want something that you can use to keep a message private, Encodor is one application that you can use to accomplish that job. Setting up a password with the recipient ahead of time will be more convenient for him/her. It takes away the time spent requesting for the password in order to decipher your message.

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  1. Probably the last place I would want to type a message that warrants encryption would be somewhere in the cloud.

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