Easily Create Colorful Pie Charts with PieColor

PieColor is a chart creator wich allows you to create pie charts in a snap. No registration is needed. You can immediately start creating your pie chart as soon as you arrive at their page.

The process is very simple. For starters, just place how many slices you want your pie chart to have. After that, you can begin placing your data for your chart. You can easily assign colors for each slice by selecting from a pallette which is available in the pie editor. You can also change the size(px) of your pie output. This will allow you to create a size that will complement your blog or document you want to embed the chart in. After placing all the other data and selecting if you want a 3D or 2D chart, just hit the “generate” button and you’ll have your instant pie chart available in png format.

This is a very easy to use tool for creating pie charts. It would be great though if they can host the created chart and place embed codes for easy placement on blogs and webstites. This will make PieColor more useful than just generating colorful pie charts.

2 Comments on “Easily Create Colorful Pie Charts with PieColor

  1. maybe not a useful tool in blogging but I can see it being used to teach about fractions and divisions for homeschooling. I am going to see how hard it is to use and maybe I can use it as a learning tool to teach my son.

  2. @Renee: It does let you save the chart in and image form but that’s about it. It’s a good idea to use it to teach kids about fractions. The wide use of colors makes it very attractive to the eyes of children. Thanks for the suggestion Renee. 🙂

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