Doomi: An Adobe Air To-Do List Widget

doomiDoomi is a simple to do list application designed to stay out of your way and out of your browser. The app allows you to reorganize your to-dos via drag and drop. It is easy to get rid of which saves a lot of precious desktop space and will not require you to open your browser to view your list.

It has all the features you use, and none of the ones you don’t. Create, edit, set reminders, and keep archives of your old tasks.

You’ll need to have Adobe Air installed in order to use the application. Once Doomi is installed, it’ll stay out of your way until you need its service once more. Setting up a to-do in Doomi is as easy as typing in what needs to be done and hitting the return button. You can set deadlines for your to-do’s to get reminders, and once it’s done, just place a check mark and it will be included in the completed section.

If you’re looking for a non-obtrusive application, try Doomi and see if it works for you. It only takes a few seconds to install if you have Adobe Air. If you don’t have Adobe Air installed on your computer, don’t worry, it will install Adobe Air as soon as you hit the “Install” button on the Doomi site.

doomi to do reminders

Future Features

Offline/online synchronization

Color Scheme Customization

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