Domainr: Get Creative with Domain Names

Dot com domains are nearly out. The short ones are all taken and all that’s left are sentence long dot com domains. You have to invent your own word if you really do want a dot com or come up with gibberish combination of texts. If you are willing to explore beyond the dot com, you better check out Domainr.

Domainr is inspired by, and domains. It helps you explore other domain name opportunities which will fit your brand by giving suggestions using other domain extensions. If the word that you are looking for does not fit any extension, it will suggest a folder name along with a trimmed down version of you word. In other words it creates a creative opportunity for domain buyers, especially those who are well branded.

Domainr is a very simple service. All you need to do is type in your desired domain name. A green mark will appear if it is available. If you are seriously looking for a domain name to fit your brand or just want to have a little fun with domain names, Domainr is a great alternative to your usual domain search engine.

Also check out Domize. It displays available domains as you type.

4 Comments on “Domainr: Get Creative with Domain Names

  1. Okay, almost every post from you so far doesn’t fail to get a “neato” out of me. This one too.

    This is yet another great tool, what a great way to brand your own little corner of the ‘net with a unique domain, and this tool can help find it. Frikkin, sweet!

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