DeTinyIt: For a Safer Tiny Web

detinyitWith thousands of Tiny URLs being thrown every day, some of you might get a little conscious about the security of the pages that you visit. URL shorteners have its advantages. It is a must for social media sites such as Twitter which limits you to a 140 character long conversations. Adding URLs to your Tweets eats up the precious characters you have left in voicing out your thoughts. The only problem with shortened URLs is that it can hide malicious and spam sites which will catch you off-guard if you are not careful.

DeTinyIt is a service that you can use to check the webpage that is hiding behind a shortened URL. It displays the true URL, thus displaying the real domain name of the page without actually going to that page. Aside from extracting the original URL from a shortened URL, DeTinyIt also gives a warning if the small URL is likely to redirect to a piece of spyware or other nasty junk.

detinyit url

You can also use the Firefox plugin to preview the original URL and get a trust rating for the website behind a shortened URL. Check out the short video below.

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