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dead-fake-logoDeadFake is a service that lets you send fake emails. You can use any domain name that is online as your email address. This is not actually a very productive site but it will surely be useful if you want to play a prank on somebody.

You have to make sure that the “From” address you choose contains a real internet domain name. For instance, don’t choose bush@the.government, choose Also, you might probably want to choose a domain name that is already registered or it may not work.

The service is protected by CAPTCHA to weed spam bots from exploiting it. And for those who want to be naughty and use it for scams, a footer message that specifies that the email was actually a prank will be included.

Is the email Traceable?

Sort of. Nothing on the internet is really anonymous. If you do something that you really shouldn’t, there are probably going to be ways and means of finding you. So be good, and use it for mischief, not malice.

For you geeks out there: just to let you know that the mailer adds an X-Mailer attribute to the message header indicating the message origin, and an X-Originating-Ip (a real one). I could leave both out, or falsify them, but it’s hard enough to get mail delivered without doing that too!


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  1. Ivs: I really don’t know what kind of emails you are getting but you might want to consider most of them as spam emails instead of fake emails. Dead Fake’s emails comes with a note which states that the email sent to you is fake. There are lots of scammers out there and I think that Dead Fake doesn’t want any part of it. Thanks 🙂

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