Customize Your Online NewsPaper Using Feed Chronicle

feed-chronicle-logoFeedChronicle is one way of organizing your news feeds. Instead of getting them through your feed reader which most people normally do, you can get them in the form of an online newspaper. You can get feeds from popular news site like NY Times to social media sites like Digg.

The service is quite useful if you want to get your news from different sources. Say like you want to get Tech News from Digg Technology and TechCrunch and you like to get World News from CNN or NY Times. Managing your news feeds can be easily accomplished by selecting the source you want for each category. This will save you time subscribing to a particular news category on different news sites. Just select the news sources through a drop down menu and you’ll have your customized online newspaper in a few minutes.

There is just one thing that I noticed when customizing news feeds. There is no option to select a blank source for categories. You are allowed to select five news sources for each news category. For example, I just want to get Sports news from CNN and not from other sources. You have to choose CNN for all five sources or you can select other sources as well. I don’t know how will affect the layout of the pages and It may not be a big deal but I think it’s worth looking into. Other than that, the site looks great. The Ajax interface makes it easy scrolling through the feeds and the customize page is very user friendly. Worth a try.


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