Create your Own Branded “Reddit” in Just a Few Minutes

We all know that you can easily create your own Reddit site using the “Create Your Own Reddit” feature. Mixx also launched a similar feature where users can create their own Mixx site. You can easily create your very own social news voting sites in the mentioned services without any technical knowledge whatsoever. A slight customization on both services is allowed which lets you enhance them with a bit of personal touch in your created social news site.

There is a new Company called Slinkset which lets you do the same plus a bit more. In Slinkset, you can place Widgets, Ads, and basically anything you can place in an HTML file on the sidebar. You can also customize the sidebar dimensions to fit your desired size for whatever you’re going to put in it. You can also place a custom domain name. Just create a subdomain from your original domain (, add a CNAME record to your DNS provider and alias it to The process is similar to aliasing a domain name in blogspot (blogger). This will allow you to brand your social news site and basically monetize it the way you want to, unlike in Mixx which only gives you one Adsense unit with shared revenues.

You can also auto-publish blogposts in your Slinkset account. Just subscribe to RSS feeds in your Slinkset account and each time a post is published, it will automatically be added to your created voting site. This means that you can turn any Slinkset account into a personal Reddit style RSS reader. When it comes to customization, you can only place a logo and edit the color schemes in your Slinkset site. The site is however still new and maybe we can see some improvements when it comes to customizing your page and adding widgets. A Blogger style in adding a CSS themes and drag and drop widgets would be cool.

The service is basically easy to use and no special coding is required. If you want to create your own social voting site under your own domain/subdomain, Slinkset is a great place to start.

Check out the sample I made. You can subscribe and make submissions too if you like.

7 Comments on “Create your Own Branded “Reddit” in Just a Few Minutes

  1. I made one of these for articlesnatch – and have it set up to populate with articles automatically. I’m not sure how I like it though because the links are all nofollow… so there is no linking motivation there…

  2. Matt, well, it’s pretty much like Digg, Reddit and other social bookmarking site. They all have no-follow. The idea is to basically build a community of people who will use your news site. People who will submit, comment and vote. Search engines will then index those comments and submissions which will bring traffic to the websites linked to. I also think that being bookmarked very often improves your page’s SEO. That’s just my experience whenever I get Stumbled.

    Bill: I find it really fun to be able to create something Reddit Like. I was asking around on how to configure Pligg and decided to take the easier way out. It’s much easier and you do not need to host it on your server which will give additional load to your host. Just stick in the subdomain or domain and you’re all set.

  3. I only rated this 3 stars because there are already so many of these…. I am trying to use Mixx but I have to say I find it hard to keep up with it. Newsreaders, Reddit, Digg, Netvibes… too much too litle time! But it looks nice!

  4. Roger: As it was really fun for me to create my own social voting site not thinking of making it popular or anything which will compete with the likes of Mixx, Digg and Reddit. In my opinion though, it would be great for website or blog owners to create a much more niche’d social news site very much like this one for more specific topics. It does not have to be popular as long as it serves it’s purpose. Like I said, you can even turn this into your publicly published RSS reader. Thanks for sharing your views about this Roger. I really appreciate it.

  5. I have changed my mind about Slinkset for two reasons:

    1-It comes with a widget that you can put on your blog

    2- It also come with a Drop-link that you can put in your toolbar so that you don’t have to navigate away and copy stuff when you want to add a news

    And 3 (I know I said 2…) It is extremely customisable!

    Thx for finding this!

  6. @Roger: I placed my widget on my friends’ blogs and I think it’s a great feature. Great for promoting your created voting site. The toolbar is also great but I’m not using it a lot since I get most of the content from RSS feeds. The customization for me could still use some work. Overall, it’s I find it extremely useful and great for creating your very own social voting site.

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