CowURL: Personalize Short URLs

cowurlCowURL is another URL shortening service. Since a lot of them have been popping out lately due to the increase in numbers of web applications that may require their services (such as twitter), it’s no surprise that some of them are offering something unique in their service. Other services offer something like fusing short URLs together and CowURL allows you to personalize your short URL.

To create a personalized short URL, all you need to do is just paste the extremely long URL on the text bar and press the “Personalize It” button. CowURL will check if the text is available or not. If the text is available, you can proceed with sharing your personalized short URL.

The only problem with personalizing short URLs is that the good ones will probably be taken early. It’s the same as choosing a good domain name. In the long run, users will just have to come up with longer URLs. On the other hand, users can use CowURL to make a description of the page hidden on the personalized short URL. This can be extremely useful when sharing your Facebook profile page. Since Facebook doesn’t provide vanity URLs, you can use CowURL to create something like “”

*You can also use CowURL like any other URL shortening tool with the random generated URL text.


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